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How to find out what theme a WordPress site is using

By Amor


Have you ever been interested in knowing what theme a particular WordPress site is using?

Recently a friend of mine asked how to find out what theme a WordPress site is using if it’s not shown in the footer of the site.

Here’s how to manually check what theme a WordPress site is currently using:

  1. Right-click on the page of the site and select View page sourceLook for the link to the stylesheet similar to this:<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />For this site I have:<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />
  2. Open the link to style.css and you will see more info about the theme.
    Theme Name:        Oh My Gosh
    Theme URI:
    Description:       My Ghostbird Child Theme
    Author:            Amor
    Author URI:
    Template:          ghostbird
    Template URI:


And while I was typing this, I saw What WordPress Theme is that?. You just type the site name and click Check site and presto!

What WordPress Theme is that

There’s another brand new site that detects WordPress themes, It does not only feature the theme info, but also the parent theme information if a child theme is found.

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  1. You are really one heck of a wordpress developer/designer.

    I will recommend you to people who are looking for website creation/building services. Okie?

    • Thanks Ron, now ko lang nakita to. Gutom na naman si Akismet eh.
      Sure, much appreciated. 🙂

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