Oh My Gosh – Ghostbird Child Theme

By Amor

Oh My Gosh is a Ghostbird child theme and is my first publicly released theme. It’s a Tumblr-style WordPress theme, good for microblogging.

Oh My Gosh is a Ghostbird child theme and is my first publicly released theme. It’s a  Tumblr-style WordPress theme, good for microblogging. I thought of naming it My Ghostbird but erroneously typed Goshtbird. So I decided to name it Oh My Gosh, just like my fave expression. 🙂 It’s the same theme I am using in this site. omg responsive

Note: This theme has two versions. Version 1 has no sidebar, one-column just like the parent theme. Version 2 which I added recently has right sidebar.

Live Preview  Download Version 1   Download Version 2

Ghostbird, the parent theme is a free one-column theme for WordPress developed by Michael Fields, Theme Wrangler at Automattic. It has flexible width, custom background, custom header, custom menu, post formats, footer widgets and is translation-ready. Since Oh My Gosh is a child theme, you also have to install its parent theme, Ghostbird. You can install it directly in your dashboard.

install Ghostbird theme

If you encounter some bugs, please let me know so I can work it out.

Features Added on Oh My Gosh:

  • Right Sidebar (Version 2)

    oh my gosh ghostbird child theme with sidebar

  • Post Format Icons

    Quote Post Format for Oh My Gosh, a Ghostbird child theme

    Quote Post Format

    Oh My Gosh Link Post Format Screenshots

    Link Post Format

    Oh My Gosh Audio Post Format Screenshot

    Link Post Format

  • 6 Color Schemes

    Oh My Gosh Color Schemes

Live Preview

Oh My Gosh,  Ghostbird child theme Download [download id=”3″ format =”4″ ] (no sidebar)

Oh My Gosh, Ghostbird child theme with right sidebar Download [download id=”4″ format =”4″ ] (with right sidebar)

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